Focus Lifts downloading GMV, PEELLE and IRACS files, documents and information

When it comes to choosing a subcontractor, experience and reliability are always key issues. It's for this reason that Focus Lifts are regularly chosen by the UK's leading global lift companies.

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    GMV & Peelle Door Information

    A selection of documents detailing Focus Lifts’ certifications is available to view and download below. Please also take a look at our technical document downloads relating to GMV hydraulic lift equipment  and Peelle heavy duty sliding doors .

    Please feel free to contact us by submitting a Quick Question form on the right if you have any queries and for information not found in these pages. Alternatively, you can call us on 033 000 20325 or send an email.

    Company Certificates etc

    Focus Lifts’ certificates of accreditation can be downloaded here.

    Liftcert BSEN ISO 9001 2015446 K
    BS ISO 45001:2018455 K
    BS ISO 14001:2015446 K
    Lift Cert Lift Regulations 1997 Schedule 12435 K
    Insurance Cert 164 K
    Safe Contractor Certificate 2021/2022221 K
    LEIA Membership 2022420 K
    BSI Membership Certificate 2022/2023932 K
    Waste Carrier Licence32 K


    GMV Information Downloads

    The following files contain technical information about GMV Hydraulic lift components.

    EC-Ram-and-Pawl-Device-Data.pdf419 K
    GMV-1-Stage-Jack-Install.pdf1.6 M
    GMV-3010-2CH-Operation.pdf849 K
    GMV-3010-Valve-Diagrams.pdf414 K
    GMV-EC-Installation-Instructions.pdf1.0 M
    TCS-Installation-Instructions.pdf1.0 M
    GMV-EC-Jack-Data-Sheets.pdf1.2 M
    GMV-EN3010-Settings.pdf693 K
    GMV-Maximum-Pressure-Switch.pdf84 K
    GMV-Minimum-Pressure-Switch.pdf86 K
    GMV-NGV-Valve.pdf812 K
    GMV-Overload-Limit-Switch.pdf90 K
    GMV-Ram-Length-Calculation-Sheets.pdf1.1 M
    GMV-Rupture-Valve-Installation.pdf1.4 M
    GMV-Seal-Change-Chaintele.pdf334 K
    GMV-Seal-Change-Single-Stage-Jack.pdf42 K
    GMV-Soft-Start-Unit.pdf632 K
    GMV-Tubing-AST3.pdf1.9 M
    GMV-Ventil-3010.pdf49 K
    VRFP-1990-Diagram.pdf32 K
    GMV-Handpump-Details.pdf69 K
    EC-Chain-Sychronised-Ram-Details.pdf106 K


    Peelle Information Downloads

    For more information about Peelle’s heavy duty sliding doors, please refer to the following files.

    312V1-Peelle-MODERNIZATION-GUIDE.pdf3.5 M
    Peelle-Door-Safety-Device.pdf1.0 M
    Peelle-Modernization-Guide.pdf1.5 M
    Peelle-Quick-Referance-Installation-Guide.pdf4.0 M
    Peelle-VSD-Brochure.pdf796 K
    Wireless-Controller-Brochure.pdf282 K
    Wireless-Door-Control-Guide.pdf509 K