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When it comes to choosing a subcontractor, experience and reliability are always key issues. It's for this reason that Focus Lifts are regularly chosen by the UK's leading global lift companies.

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    GMV Hydraulic Lift Equipment – Heavy Duty Lifts

    GMV Hydraulic Lift Equipment

    Focus Lifts work in conjunction with GMV (UK) to provide lift solutions which fall outside of a typical standard hydraulic lift package. Founded in Italy in 1958, GMV have been at the forefront of hydraulic lift technology for decades. Now an international lift manufacturer, their large goods lifts make ideal hydraulic vehicle lift solutions for multi-storey car parks in many premises globally.

    As a leading UK provider of specialist lift solutions, we specialise in the supply, installation and modernisation of heavy duty lifts, car lifts, lorry lifts and scenic lifts.

    We can provide:

    • Complete installed lifts
    • Supply only of complete lifts
    • Hydraulic and sling packages install or supply only
    • Lift car and landing doors install or supply only
    • Lift controllers install or supply only

    GMV ProVision – Hydraulic Lift Modernisation Package

    Taking advantage of GMV’s ProVision, Focus Lifts can supply only, or supply and install a complete hydraulic lift modernisation package.  ProVision represents a highly cost-effective solution for refurbishing failing or outdated hydraulic lift systems. Among its advantages, the GMV ProVision improves the ride quality and results in greater levelling accuracy. It can also reduce noise levels and lower energy consumption.

    GMV Hydraulic Lift Equipment, GMV ProVision Hydraulic Lift System,The ProVision system includes:

    • Hydraulic tank unit
    • Controller
    • Shaft information equipment
    • Lift shaft loom.
    • Hall call buttons
    • Hall indicators
    • Car top control
    • Car station

    The ProVision system is fully compliant with EN81-70 and EN81-80 and suitable for hydraulic lifts in buildings of up to twelve floors with two lift entrances per floor.

    To find out more, please fill in the Quick Question form on the right hand side. Alternatively, you can send us an email or call us on 033 000 20325.