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    Peelle – the ideal choice for Building & Facility Managers

    When it comes to knocks, it doesn’t take much to take a lift out of service – unless, of course, it’s been fitted with Peelle lift doors.

    Focus Lifts is proud to be UK agent for the Peelle Door Company providing sales, installation, technical and specialist onsite support for following products:


    Why Peelle Lift Doors?

    One of the biggest frustrations for Building and Facility Managers alike is when a lift is taken out of service as a result of minor damage to a lift door. This can typically be the case in environments where goods movement is taking place or where passenger lifts are installed in public areas where the chance of vandalism is high.

    The result in either instance generally causes the need for spending money and something that invariably relates to an unplanned cost. If this is something you hope to avoid with a new installation, or an experience that you are having, even infrequently, it will be worth speaking with Focus about Peelle Doors. We can show you some startling like-for-like comparison figures produced by an unbiased and respected third party.

    For Peelle, the results of this lift availability comparison demonstrated the build quality and reliability of a Peelle lift door installation in demanding environments. For one of Peelle’s customers, it provided a compelling and financially strong case for changing their goods lift doors. Today, this leading multinational retailer has specified Peelle Goods Lift doors for their new and replacement programme for the company’s multiple superstore locations across Europe and other continents.

    Choose Peelle Doors With Us Today

    If you are considering a new goods or vandal resistant lift, or experiencing too many out-of-service calls to your lift maintenance provider as a result of a door failure, now would be the time to talk to us. To ensure you receive a prompt response, please make contact so that we can assist you with technical details, budget prices and the all-important in use comparison that demonstrates a clear return on investment for those choosing Peelle.

    Contact us for more information or complete the form opposite.