Hydraulic Passenger Lift/Goods Lift

Focus Lifts recently completed the supply and installation of this very specialized hydraulic goods/passenger lift in a renowned London museum for a major multinational company. The lift travels 3 floors and is designed to carry specific artworks whose size and weight dictates the lift car and entrance size. The lift car was manufactured in the UK and measures 6.5 meters wide x 4 meters high with Peelle HSD 10 panel centre opening doors 6 meters x 4 meters high.

The project was completed on program and within budget and demonstrates Focus Lifts ability to design, manufacture and install high quality bespoke lifts to suit most applications.

For once I am in the fortunate position of being able to record praise rather than criticism for the performance of a lift contractor.

The witnessed test today went as well as possible. The lift is as solid as they come, the doors, always a lift’s weakest point, are very rigid, the running clearances are well within the maximum for safety despite the height of the doors being double that of the norm, the hydraulic system is excellent, the means of maintaining the lift at a floor while loading is very effective, and the controls and indicators work well.

Please pass my thanks on to Mike Swain, Focus’s director responsible for the design of this unique project, and ask him in turn to thank all the team on site, including Paul, Mike and particularly young Rob, who has more than average pride in his work and will not offer something for acceptance on the hope that it will be accepted even if it is not ‘the proper job’ very refreshing when a common policy amongst contractors today is, sadly, ‘don’t snag your own work’.

-Tony Warren FULCRUM

Video of a Peelle door installation by Focus Lifts in use at the National Maritime Museum